Everybody likes to save money and what better way to accomplish this goal than to undertake a do it yourself landscaping project.  Besides the pride in accomplishment, you can set yourself up for some serious savings if you follow this insider advice for selecting the right size plants for your project.

Here is a simple tip that will save you a bundle the next time you are at a nursery, compare the prices on the different size plants.  Notice how the price of the 1 gallon plant can be as much as 80% less than the exact same plant in the 15 gallon size.

Sounds pretty crazy huh?  You pay 80% more for the privilege of having a bigger version of the exact same plant.

Think about it like this, often times you can invest around $30 for a 1 gallon plant when the same plant in the 15 gallon size sells for $150.  The reality is that in two years the 1 gallon plant will grow to the same size as the 15 gallon plant with little more than minor upkeep on your part.  What you have actually done by purchasing the 1 gallon plant is invest $30 to make $150 in two years.  That is a 400% gain or an average annualized return of 123.6%

Now imagine you invest $30 in the stock market.  Over time most financial professionals agree that you can expect to earn 5-6% in a conservative investment portfolio.  At a 6% rate of return you would have $33.71 at the end of the same two year period.

So if you’ve been putting off that do it yourself landscaping project, here is the perfect excuse to go ahead with it.  Save money when you start by buying smart and continue to earn money for years after the project is done as the value of your garden appreciates.