Course on Professional Landscape Design Online
Methodology for the professional design of open spaces,
in relation to the environment


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Course on Professional Landscape Design Online


Student Project

This course on Professional Landscaping Design emerges as a concern that several professionals who have been involved in landscaping have had for years. Fortunately, we are lucky to be working in landscape design, landscape construction and at the same time, teach landscape design in the study of planning and landscape design in the University.


Project of one of our students
, made in the course.

Somehow after more than 15 years of experience as well as of professional practice and university training, we wanted to offer all those enthusiasts of landscape design who wondered how they could thereby further their objectives in  learning about this beautiful profession.

We designed this course to learn the most important notions of landscape design in a clear and fun way.

The subject matter in this course is useful and will be a tool in any design process that you may undertake in the future.


Who is the course intended for?

The course is intended for all those enthusiasts of landscaping. Judging by its contents, it can be considered as a truly integral course, because of its design and way of implementing the subject matters. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of the topic.


There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is avaiable to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Information technology requirements:
For this course there is no required software or need to know AutoCAD. Only a connection to Internet is required.



Image course


The objective of this course is to provide the interested students with the necessary tools in order to carry out the process of Landscaping design in a concrete and real manner.

This is not a course on gardening but rather a clear and precise methodology in order to deal with the design of landscaping in a professional way and to interact with other professionals related with the same vocation; such as architects, agronomists, surveyors, forest technicians, etc.


Duration of the course:

4 months
Suggested time: 2 times a week.

Each student will however be able to go at his/her own pace of learning since it allows for 1 year to finalize the course
Work Methodology:

The work methodology is very simple:

Once the students sign up for the course, they will be given a user’s ID and password to access VIRTUAL CLASSROOM where they will find the course lessons.

Almost all the lessons have practical work to resolve the different tasks in an orderly and progressive manner for example, practice 1, later 2, 3, etc.

Within the virtual classroom, you will be able to rely on a professor that gives online tutoring to help each student in the completion of his/her practical work.

Finally, with the completion of the last practical work, the students will finish the course and will be able to receive a diploma in recognition of the coursework.

Professor in charge:


The professor in charge of the course is Architect, Marcelo Pablo Miguel

Architect and Specialist in Landscaping Architecture, Graduate from the University of  Buenos Aires.

He is currently director of his own landscaping business, doing outside landscaping work: balconies, gardens, parks, planning and interior landscaping work: companies in general, accesses to buildings, offices, expansions of terraces, etc.

He also is a professor in Landscaping Design in the course of Planning and Landscaping Design at the University of Buenos Aires and as associate professor in the postgraduate course on Landscaping Planning.

In the photo, Architect Marcelo Miguel, professor in charge  of the Course on Professional Landscape Design, teaching in the Graduate Degree in Landscape Planning at the University of Buenos Aires.

Cost of the course:

630 euro
Methods of payment:

1. Credit or debit card through PayPal

2. Payment with bank transfer:

Bank BBVA, Paseo de Gracia 25. (08007)  – Barcelona – Spain
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